Orion Gate is another Power Centre with over 100 acres of retail, entertainment, and industrial development, located in Brampton which Sugrim Maintenance Co. provides their power sweeping services.

After the coldest winter in 20 years and the amount of salt used, the sidewalks are in need of a good cleaning. Tenants and maintenance staff are keeping busy cleaning the salt that gets tracked inside. A bigger issue is the damage that the salt can cause to the sidewalk and lower sections of the building where they meet. Salt can get trapped in the space between them and cause staining and damage.

Sugrim Maintenance Co. has the necessary equipment and products to clean your sidewalks and parking lots to remove the salt from the areas that regular maintenance cannot get at. Preserving the concrete and preventing further damage. Our mobile units are fully equipped to provide hot water, which is needed to break down and remove salt build-up.